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Christopher Bates

Christopher Bates

President & CEO

I currently live in Palm Springs where I am the founder of GOOD to go. As a trainer, nutritionist, and executive chef, my team and I provide a lifestyle upon which to maintain, elevate or transform your body utilizing fitness and nutrition. We offer training, nutritional support, and meal delivery services throughout the Coachella Valley.

I am a small town boy who ventured to the big city, and then back to a small town. Throughout my journeys I noticed what people truly ate and the result of that product. I realized quickly that nutrition was the key to a healthy or not so healthy lifestyle. I also realized that although nutrition plays the majority role in optimal health, fitness and physical activity also play a critical role in living longer and looking and feeling better. I searched for a way to integrate the two and ultimately made the decision to become a fitness trainer who specializes in both fitness AND nutrition. I wouldn’t just talk about the topic rather I would provide it and prove it’s results.

Along the way, I began competing in physique competitions which required a tremendous amount of discipline.  I divided my attention between physical training and nutrition in a way that I’d never thought of before.  This experience afforded me a better look at the importance of macronutrients and portion control.  If I were to ever get that stage-ready body, I had better master it and master it well.  A few trophies demonstrated that I could indeed harness the benefits of macro-balanced food in regards to manipulating my body.

I did a lot of research and found many food options out there, but they took the pleasure out of eating. This was unacceptable for a “foodie’ like me, so I began to create flavorful macro-balanced dishes for myself for competition. Over time my clients recognized the favorable results and wanted those results for themselves.  My clients saw results and then they told their friends and their friends told their friends and before you know it, I was in the middle of a golden business opportunity.  I began to look at what I was doing not only as gratifying but also as a vehicle to advocate for combined fitness and nutrition.  Hence GOOD to go. was born and the rest is history in the making.